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Petunia Tot Newsletter

February 2019 Click Here to Download the PDF

Petunia Tot Newsletter

November 20th, 2018 Click here to download PDF


October 17, 2018 ADDENDUM TO THE PARENT HANDBOOK, SECTION LABELED GUIDELINES, last paragraph. Effective immediately if no one answers the...

Recommended Immunizations

Recommended Immunizations for children from birth to 6 years old. Download PDF Flyer here

Diapering & Handwashing Procedure

Diapering Procedure 1) Sanitize hand or hand wash 2) Get out all necessary supplies a. Wipes-­‐(2-­‐3) child’s bottom, (1) teacher’s...

Raising Self-Esteem

To Save or Support... That is the Question. Download PDF Flyer here

No Biting!

Bananas Handout - Let's explore a toddlers common behavior; Biting. Is it normal? Of course, for babies to bite... Download PDF Flyer here



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