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Diapering & Handwashing Procedure

Diapering Procedure

1) Sanitize hand or hand wash

2) Get out all necessary supplies

a. Wipes-­‐(2-­‐3) child’s bottom, (1) teacher’s hands, (1) child’s hands

b. Clean diaper

c. Plastic bag for soiled clothes if applicable

d. Gloves

e. Diaper cream if applicable

3) Place child on diaper area

4) Remove bottom clothing (if soiled place in plastic bag)

5) Open the soiled diaper, fold over, wipe child bottom front/back, if No.2 wipe away the excess poo and place soiled wipes & diaper in diaper pail

6) Wipe teacher and child’s hands with wipes before placing clean diaper

7) Place the clean diaper under the child and complete the change

8) Wash child’s hand by following proper hand washing procedures if child is over 2yrs old, hand sanitizer is acceptable.

9) Return the child to play area without touching any other surfaces

10) Clean diapering area by spraying with soapy water and drying with a paper towel or by wiping it with a water saturated paper towel or Clorox Disinfectant Wipes

11) Disinfect the diapering surface with disinfectant-­‐strength bleach-­‐water solution (1/2-­‐3/4 cup bleach per gallon) wait 2 minutes before wiping or allow to air dry.

12) Clean hands by using proper hand hygiene (hand washing or use of hand sanitizer)

Handwashing Procedure

1. Moisten hands with water and use liquid soap

2. Rub hands together away from the flow of water for 20 seconds

3. Rinse hands free of soap under running water

4. Dry hands with a clean, disposable paper towel or air dry with a blower

5. Turn off faucet using paper towel

6. Throw the used paper towel into a hands-­‐free trashcan

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